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Lucie Labs plug&play secure iot platform: key asset of your differentiation

Key differentiator to your offer, Lucie Labs technology platform will enable you to transform your products and propose an enhanced experience of your brand through a unique concept of creative, interactive and customisable module, associated with a world of services linked to data and usage.

Lucie Module

A state-of- the-Art firmware embedded into your object to transform it into a connected object: smart, connected, interactive and creative.

Lucie Control

The application (accessible on Android and IOS) that enables interactivity as needed and on demand.

Lucie Cloud

The SaaS plug&play secure IoT platform which provides stats and trends around product usage and functionalities.

Components of Lucie Labs plug&play secure iot plateform



Lucie Module represents the heart of the intelligence that equips the connected object and enable a unique experience of interaction and emotions with the light and vibrations. It also contains the serie of captors allowing the good functioning of the module and the gathering of relevant data.

Lucie Module carries a set of functionalities that you can personalise along your needs:

  • Choose the colours that appear among several
  • Choose intensity of the colours and vibration, the order of appearance, flashing or not
  • The action associated to a colour, or the vibration to make it useful
  • The tracking, or the guidance of the action, alerts, etc…

The number of functionalities embedded within Lucie Module make the first ever of this kind in the world.


Lucie Control helps you design the unique experience that users will have from the wearable and stand out.

From a computer, it will heighten the experience proposed to a group of users and propose a unique collective and interactive experience, through many ways: halos, motion tracker, information, flashes and vibrations.

From your smartphone and controlled by the user, it definitely proposes a way to heighten the use of the object and stand out.


Lucie Cloud is our SaaS plug&play platform to which you can access in modular mode and develop a deep understanding of the users of your product. It can store, process and vizualise data anonymously, provides statistics and trends for a deep understanding of the usages.

With Lucie Cloud, you enter a world of possibilities where you are able to know better your customers, personalise your offer and related upsells, engage customers in long time relationship for greater loyalty and of course, stand out from the competition.


We propose end-to-end plug&play solutions that encompass all steps from the conceptualization of the connectivity up to the data management.



Lucie Labs innovative technology accompany the transformation of your traditional products and help you reinvent experience of product usage.



We develop a complete hardware and software (firmware and SDK) solution that fits your needs and constraints that will be controlled easily through an application.



We take care of the production process linked to our intelligent module that will simply fit your finished product so that you concentrate on your usual manufacturing processes.



Lucie Cloud allow the data to be stored, processed and accessed through visualization data analytics. It also allows to create a new generation of services linked to that data and in direct link with your clients’ practices.

Discover how you can upgrade your products with Lucie Labs’ technology