Lucie Labs | About Us
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Meet Lucie Labs team

Lucie Labs is a startup in the IoT (Internet of Things) powered by a team of passionate, innovative imaginative people. Driven by our passion for technology and innovation, we enjoy working for challenging projects where we thrive to propose compelling solutions.

Who we are

 Our team

Made of passionate and highly skilled talents, Lucie Labs team gathers a very unique and complementary set of capabilities: electronic hardware, software, application, cloud, IoT, commercial, production, marketing, product management, etc… As many competencies that spur Lucie Labs unprecedented technology.

We are a passionate, dedicated but most of all a fun team you will definitely enjoy to meet and work with !


The Co-founders

Coming from the Smartphone industry (Texas Instruments, R&D division, application processor controlling the OS of the smartphone) where they worked for clients like Google and Nokia, the two co-founders are also high tech lovers whose purpose is to transform everyday’s life and make it enjoyable, unique, enchanted.

Where we come from